support services
and how we'll work together


I can support you and your website with:

  • Impartial website analysis and review
  • Logo design
  • Site hosting
  • Email
  • Business cards

… and more!

The web design process

The best websites are built when you as the client have a clear understanding of the overall web design process. The result? A website that works, a happy developer (me) and an even happier client (you!).

To clarify the process so you know what to expect, and to ensure we’re working towards the same goals, here’s a guide to how we’ll create your website…

- First meeting

Contact me for a no-obligation consultation. I’ll ask lots of questions about your requirements and your industry and your business plan to get a sense of your goals. I’ll also want to know about your competitors!

- Quote

I’ll send you a no-obligation quote including the project description, target market, project constraints and a timeline.

- Contract signed

We agree the contract details, sign the contract and you confirm with a deposit payment.

- Plan

The design and concept begins to take shape.

Through our discussions I’ll help you with domain names, hosting and site content. It’s your site, so you provide the site content, choose colours and fonts – and establish the look and feel of the site. (Don’t worry if that sounds daunting – I’m here to help, remember?)

I’ll provide you with a creative brief including a site map and design ideas. At this stage any element of the design can be changed, so don’t panic.

- Build

Once we’re agreed on the design elements I’ll begin construction of the website and incorporate your choices. You might want to change a few things here and there once you see it, but that’s okay. It’s important to me that you’re happy.

- Publish

Pre-launch we’ll do some user-testing, quality assurance and reviews, just to make sure we’ve got it right. When we have, final payment is due and your site can go live.

- Manage and grow

But wait! There’s more! Once your site is published I’ll show you how to monitor its effectiveness, because that’s the real test.

If you don‘t like webdev jargon – look away! If you‘re curious about my indigo skills please read on…

Marketing Skills:

Market research
Planning and testing
Usability testing
User experience design
Web design and development
Branding and logo creation
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and marketing

Technical Skills:

–   PHP web development
–   MySQL database development
–   AJAX / Javascript client side scripting
–   HTML / XHTML / DHTML web page creation
–   XML page creation
–   CSS3 web designs
–   Flash animation with Actionscript 3.0
–   Photoshop design mockups
–   Apache server setup and utilisation
–   CMS experience on Teamsite, Sharepoint, Wordpress
–   Web hosting experience